About Us

Berah Havens Creations is a Nigerian incorporated Business Enterprise Company registered with Corporate Affairs Commission.The company started out as a sole proprietorship (BERAH HAVENS CREATIONS) with a passion to create  fashion accessories to adorn both men and women,with an Enterprising and ambitious staffs to provide services that will satisfy their customers. It runs on a creative dynamism that whatsoever is conceivable is achievable,it grew  and became big.With a broad vision this outfit is born out of creative intuitiveness to offer quality,bespoke handcrafted Beaded jewelry,Fine jewelry  and other accessories to our client ,by raising the bar on creativity and craftsmanship which gives birth to our slogan ——creatively yours.

 Our brand deals in manufacturing and sales of bespoke hand crafted urban and contemporary beaded jewelry,fine jewelry for both men and women using natural gemstones.

We create an iconic brand that champions authenticity and innovative products in jewelry industry by offering cutting-edge intrinsic,trend-setting designs that keeps our customers ahead of trend game. Giving warranty on our product,our after sales services that allows customers maintain their jewelry is unique.

We create customized jewelry and jewelry services, through our 3 operational subunits which include:

  1. Goldsmithing/Metalsmithing,
  2. Bead stringing,stitching,weaving & wire works
  3. Training and consulting.

Under goldsmithin/metalsmithing we fabricate fine jewelry, inscribed jewelry, rings and wedding band, studs, cufflinks and other fashion accessories using raw silver, sterling silver, raw gold and refine gold from 9 carat, 14carat,and 18 carat.For Bead stringing and wire works we create bespoke intrinsic designs,using natural gemstones such as Amethyst, Agate, Jade, Lapis lazuli,Corals,Perals,Swavrosky crystals and other materials.

 Our training and consulting services are additional income stream, we included recently for Artisans and professionals who want to sharpen their skills,and or start a business in the jewelry industry,additionally we consult for individuals and group in fashion industry,we are keen on creating cutting-edge,innovative,trend setting designs that keeps our customers ahead of trend game,our core values are professionalism, efficient delivery,customers satisfaction,integrity,after sales services and creativity which helps us give our customers value for their money.

With growing population of the middle income ,and the present economic situation,more and more of our  addressable target have an alternative source of procuring global standard jewelries locally-reducing dependence on importation whilst adding to the Nations GDP.

One of the reason we started  a training school is to transform lives of people and create new opportunities through high quality skilled training designed to meet their specific needs while contributing to the excellent progress of individuals from different starting points and enhancing their well begin as a family unit,the community and the nation at large.so far we have trained over 100 people.

We empower economically challenged individuals,retires,housewives and other aspiring youth to acquire knowledge,skills and values for career enhancement and to increase employment where necessary,our training also help those who want to augment their income and unemployed graduates. As part of our long term milestones of establishing an ultra modern automated jewelry manufacturing workshop,and jewelry academy,we are hoping to reach 3500 trainees with skills that will in-turn make them employers of labor and with an average 2 staff/training we would have created 7000 indirect employment and 150 directly employed under the Berah Havens Creations Ltd by 2020.

To become one of the best most loved jewelry brand and jewelry manufacturing industry, that will create a manufacturing hub in Nigeria.




To create an iconic brand that champions authenticity and innovative product in jewelry industry with high quality at affordable prices.while we continually developing our brand and keeping with our core values of affordable luxury contemporary and urban design and personal story telling.



  • To create a jewelry manufacturing industry whose primary goals is to exceed customers expectation
  • To develop a profitable sustainable income-based company
  •  To increase the number of designs offered by 20% and to create a platform for other jewelers
  • To develop an additional course(s) of action, recommendation,and changes to Berah House of Creations current strategy in order to expand the market share in jewelry industry
  • To  establish and set up an academy where people can be trained
  • To establish an ultra modern jewelry manufacturing workshop/Hub which will extend our network of  family jewelers